HEYLIFE is not about restrictions. We stand for nature, health, pleasure and energy. With our drinks made of fresh vegetables, fruit, herbs, roots and nuts we provide you with natural vitality. All our products are strictly 100% natural and plant-based.

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100% Fresh Coconut Water

We exclusively use young, green and organic Nam Hom coconuts from Thailand, harvested by hand by local farmers. Why? Because they simply taste the best! HEYLIFE Coconut Water is packed with antioxidants, a natural source of potassium and it provides you with essential electrolytes. This makes our Coconut Water a 100% natural, low-calorie drink that contributes to good muscle function – perfect after sports!

Made with Love in Switzerland

Fresh. Cold pressed. Plant-based. Superfoods. Rich in vitamins. High vegetable content. No refined sugar. No additives.

100% Pure nature.

This is how we produce our drinks.

Online and in shops all over Switzerland.

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